Online Patient Forms

Patients can fill out the online patient forms from the comfort of their home, securely and at their own pace.  This improves the accuracy of information that is provided.

If the patient hasn’t submitted their patient registration form before their appointment, they can simply register using an phone, tablet or computer while in the waiting room.

Practice Sense provides user friendly, customizable dental new patient forms.  Gone are the days of printing out PDFs or filling out forms in the office.  We provide Dental practices with a safe and secure way to obtain and verify new patient information.

Electronic Patient Forms for the modern practice.

Have patients fill out your dental forms before their appointment by following these steps.

  1. Schedule appointment and send welcome email.  Setup the patient’s name and appointment information in our welcome letter generator and your preset welcome template will fire out to the new patient.
  2. Patient fills out your dental forms online from the link within your welcome email.
  3. Receive and verify patient information.  Upon submission, you will instantly receive a notification letting you know a new form has been submitted.  From within our portal, you can view all of the patient’s information including: dental history, medical history, insurance information and office documentation signatures.

Drop us a line, try a free trial or check out the helpful ebook below.  Our main goal is to help you improve efficiency in your dental practice!

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