Patients can fill out the electronic patient forms in the privacy of their homes where most of their personal information is kept. This can make both your life and the patient’s life easier when it comes to medications and insurance information. How many times do you have a patient come in and forget their insurance card or dosage of medication?
It’s very important to know health and medical history before treating patients. Medications can change everything. Patients don’t always remember the name of their medication or even the dosages. Our online forms can save potential cancellations and time on both ends. For example, it is recommended that patients who may be on Plavix should stop using the drug 5 days prior to their dental appointment. Our system would alert your before their appointment and you would be able to take the next steps to ensure the patient’s experience goes smoothly.

With our system, you could be set up in about 15 minutes.  Contact us today to learn how you could get electronic patient forms in your practice.

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