Online Patient Forms are the Future!

  1. Paper vs. Online Patient Forms. Currently, approximately 90% Р95% of medical offices register patients using some type of paper form method. Either by government regulation or industry standards, paper patient registration is going to become obsolete. It has already begun with the transition to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). Why not expedite the integration of this capability into your practice and streamline your patient registration? Online patient forms provide value for your patients, your staff, your medical business practice, and the environment.


Value of Practice Sense

  1. Value for Your Patients.
    1. Safe and Secure Information. Practice Sense is a 100% Cloud-Based HIPPA / HITECH compliant Solution. All patient records are stored in an online vault that can only be viewed by you as a practice. Practice Sense also incorporates a secure and authenticated e-signature for its forms.
    2. Patients can complete their registration forms virtually anywhere and at any time prior to their medical appointment. This will decrease the time they need to spend at the medical office. This will also allow patients the opportunity to complete the registration forms in a private location. Forms can be securely emailed or accessed through your medical office website.
  2. Value for Your Staff.
    1. Save Time. With Practice Sense, medical office staff will not have to re-enter a large portion of patient information into your practice management software, which will save them time. Additionally, Practice Sense offers the ability to verify patient insurance, co-pays, and coverage real-time which will save your office staff time.
    2. Increase Information Accuracy. With Practice Sense, human error in the form of illegible patient handwriting or office staff re-entering patient information will be minimized.
    3. Reduce Stress. With Practice Sense, many office stresses will be reduced or eliminated including intake of multiple new patients at the same time, inputting cumbersome patient information into your practice management software, reading illegible handwriting, storing and retrieving patient files, and shredding all unwanted documents.
  3. Value for Your Medical Practice. With this level of professionalism, time is your most valuable resource. Practice Sense will help you better utilize your time involved with your practice.
    1. Reduce Patient No-Shows. Practice Sense automatically sends reminders or lets you, the user, send out e-mail reminders to patients that have not completed their forms. E-mail progress is checked, so if for any reason the e-mail bounces, gets rejected, or is denied, you will get a notification. The registration progress is also tracked, which works in sync with automatic reminders. Many practices find this much more effective than phone reminders
    2. Reduce Time per Patient. The less time that is spent on a patient office visit including the administrative patient registration portion, the more patients a medical office can see per day. This will increase the revenue of the practice.
    3. Increase Accessibility. All completed forms will be stored on the Practice Sense dashboard specific to your medical practice.
  4. The Environment. Going digital with patient registration will eliminate the need for paper waste and printing supplies. Please work with us to do what is right for the environment.


Practice Sense vs. the Others

  1. Cost Competitive. Practice Sense is the MOST competitively priced software service with the specific value it provides to medical offices. We believe heavily in the value of this service, which corresponds to our zero start-up costs. We also do not have any contracts and charge a month-to-month fee for our service, which can be canceled at any time.
  2. Real-Time Insurance Verification. Practice Sense is the ONLY online patient forms software that provides real-time insurance verification. Medical insurance is an extremely dynamic environment and we believe in making this process as simple as possible.