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Dental Marketing Strategies

By | Office Marketing and Advice

Take a moment to think about how often you see patients come into your practice with their smartphone practically attached to their hands. The internet is literally everywhere, and the days of print marketing have passed. The modern patient needs to know more about your practice than ever before, and if you have not implemented significant online strategies for marketing, your competitors will take your clients. As a result, you need to understand five fundamentals of dental marketing strategies in the…

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How Running an Office Is Like Running a Sports Team

By | Office Marketing and Advice, Reducing Office Stress

Think about how the day starts in your practice. You start with seeing your co-workers, working together to get your patients seen as quickly as possible, and finalizing your plans for the next day. In a sense, the doctor’s office carries many of the same characteristics of a sports team, and like a sports team, you need to stay on the same page through meetings, which may include discussions on how to increase use of online patient forms or electronic…

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Patient No-Shows | 6 Ways to Help Your Patients Stick to Their Appointments

By | Patient Communication, Reducing Office Stress

Canceled appointments and appointment no-shows mean your practice is losing money and wasting resources. You have to try to fill the gap, reschedule patients at a later date and hope the patient does not cancel again. Fortunately, you can use these six tips to encourage patients to keep their appointments and reduce patients missing appointments.

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Practice Sense’s Sensible Solution to Cybersecurity Threats: 5 Pillars of Excellence

By | HIPAA, Medical Advancements

From BlueCross BlueShield to Medicaid, the threat of a cyber security breach seems omnipresent and omnipotent.  Earlier this month, the Washington State Health Care Authority identified a breach of the protected health information (PHI) of more than 91,000 patients. Practices are clamoring for reassurance of how an electronic patient forms’ provider prevents these breaches. Fortunately, Practice Sense (PS) focuses on five Pillars of Excellence for our practices.

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Dental Practices and Electronic Patient Forms

By | Electronic Patient Forms, Reducing Office Stress

Many practices have made the switch from paper to electronic health records (EHRs). Yet, the applications and benefits of an EHR for dental practices often go unnoticed. In fact, the use of electronic dental patient history forms, dental health history forms, and other dental forms and records can be a determining factor in how well a dental practice does, especially in an increasingly digital world. Take a look at three considerations for EHRs in the dental setting.

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What Is Protected Health Information?


The Privacy Rule within the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) provides provisions for how health care practitioners and practices use, store, and release protected health information (PHI). However, PHI does not necessarily mean the information can never be released, nor does it imply all information within a patient’s chart is defined as protected health information when separated. Yet, not understanding the differences between the “what if” scenarios could lead to a penalty for the inappropriate disclosure or use of…

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