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How to Get Inactive Patients to Schedule an Appointment.

By | Office Marketing and Advice, Patient Communication, Scheduling Tips

Moving a patient from active to inactive status is a somber moment. For some reason, one of your patients has not returned calls, followed up with his or her care or been in for a wellness check. However, the battle of retaining that person as a patient is not over. You can leverage today’s medical trends and the appropriate tools, such as making patient registration forms available 24/7, to get them to schedule a new appointment. If your patients have…

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The Evolution of Patient Registration Forms

By | Electronic Patient Forms

What makes history interesting? Is it the struggles of people in the past, or does the ability of others to overcome their obstacles and find their way into the history books inspire you? These questions are important, but they are also indicators of progress and forward-thinking minds. They also reflect the continuing need to create better ways of doing things, and the same concept is true of patient registration forms.

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The New Generation Versus Traditional Medical Advertising

By | Medical Advancements, Office Marketing and Advice, Patient Communication

The new generation is unlike any previous generation when it comes to medical advertising. Today’s youth have access to more information, more options and more people than you can imagine. Simple decisions about purchasing clothing or foods have grown more complex as the new generation embraces the digital age, reflecting one of the medical trends identified in another blog post. Your online presence and ability to offer online patient registration forms will come under the scrutiny of an eco-conscious, more-aware…

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Patient Registration Form – Electronic VS PDF

By | Electronic Patient Forms, Medical Advancements

More dental and medical offices are starting to realize the benefits of electronic patient registration forms outweigh the problems inherent in using paper-based forms and traditional PDFs. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that up to 78.4 percent of office-based physicians, including dentists, use electronic health records and patient registration form. While government requirements for the use of electronic forms evolve, your practice needs to consider implementing an electronic system to further patient satisfaction and…

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Protecting Your Patients’ Info Online: What HIPAA Mandates.


Asking patients to fill out online patient forms, including patient registration forms and intake forms, may not seem like a big deal. In reality, any form of online health information, even information that may seem insignificant, falls under the guidelines and requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule. As a result, you need to understand what the rule actually says and its implications or consequences for violating it.

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Your Practice Is Your Business: You Need to Treat it Like One!

By | Office Marketing and Advice, Reducing Office Stress

You might be inclined to feel your dental practice will succeed on its own, but the world of dentistry is changing. As explained in a recent report by the American Dental Association, those born after 1965 will have reduced needs for restorative dental care and a lower incidence of dental disease. In fact, the need for restorative dental care is only expected to continually decline in the future. Most importantly, those in this age group are looking for the most cost-effective…

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A Quick “To-Do” List for Office Managers in Scheduling Patients Correctly.

By | Patient Communication, Scheduling Tips

As the office manager, it can be difficult to manage the scheduling of appointments in your dental practice. Your staff members are working together to schedule appointments, and you have to address any complaints that may arise from unsatisfied or angry patients. However, you can help organize appointments and optimize the patient scheduling process by following these six tips for how to schedule patients correctly.

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Overcoming the Daily Struggles of a Dental Practice

By | Reducing Office Stress

Working in a dental practice sounds like the day is filled with molars, extractions and x-rays. In reality, the daily grind for dentists shows up when patients cancel their appointments, when office staff members have disagreements and when the paper trail for patients’ previous dental records goes cold. These daily struggles for dentists are real, but you can overcome these obstructions by implementing digital tools, conflict resolution skills and electronic patient forms in your office. 

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